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blockpoint System's Multi-Version Database (MDB) is a blockchain based, developer first, SQL database for accelerating data interoperability

No database provides you more modularity, security, and insight into your data

Explore MDB and it's bSQL interfacing language!

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MDB supports queries that search the lifetime of your containers so you can perform advanced analytics on the proven history of your data.

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MDB is Written in Pen, not Pencil

We help you mitigate risk using blockchain tech.

MDB is a blockchain based SQL database that provides unparalleled time travel capabilities, modularity of structure, auditability, security, and true data provenance.

SQL turned bSQL

All the benefits of blockchain with the structure of SQL

Don't Get Stuck in the Past, Travel Back to the Future!

A Taste of Time-Travel in bSQL

The 3 Pillars of a MDB

  1. We provide tamper-proof containers configured to track the lifetime of your data.
  2. Our pseudo-mutable system provides INSERT, AMEND, and DISCONTINUE commands to mimic traditional SQL modifications while preserving your data history.
  3. Time travel commands allow you to analyze record history and gain insight on various usage patterns.
  1. We provide full audit trails, giving access to a complete and informative history of system changes.
  2. Database-level encryptions keys are used to ensure that raw data is secured and corrupt data is flagged.
  3. Database users have access to indivudualized key-stores where they can create, share, securely store new encryption keys.
  1. Database-level logins and fine-grain permissions provide unmatched control over system changes and database users.
  2. Modular permissions, roles, and logins push down authentication to the database and make software integration secure and seamless.
  3. Users are continuously monitored throughout the system, and must pass a range of security checks to run commands.


Build with modular containers, not tables.

Modularity enables specificity

At blockpoint we believe that traditional SQL database's tables are outdated and provide the same rigid solution to a variety of user needs. blockpoint's MDB comes with all the benefits and familiarity of a traditional database and provides a range containers to cater to your data.


Time Series Container

Insert a lot, Update Never

Optimized for historical data collection and logging. The historical blockchain is a bare-bone ledger optimized for fast insert speeds, large datasets, and non primary key dependent data.

Historical Plus

The Lean State Container

Insert a lot, Update a little.

Handles primary key dependent data and is optimized for infrequently updated data with inter-blockchain dependencies.


The State Table

Insert a lot, Update a little.

Provides the same functionality as a traditional blockchain but optimizes lifetime storage tracking. This container was designed to manage relational data while providing fast access to mutation history.


The Table Container

Insert a lot, Update a little.

Provides traditional features such as primary and foreign keys as well as blockchain-specific attributes such as time series selection, validity, and lifetime tracking.This container was designed to manage relational data while providing fast access to mutation history.


R&D Department

Go interns, go!

More containers are in development.

Looking for something more specific?

Learn more about our experimental containers and talk to us about building a custom container to best fit your application's needs.



Built by developers for developers, deploying a blockpoint database is simple, and commands are intuitive and recognizable.


Scale secure applications with our elastic cloud storage. If you already have a cloud provider, use our system on their instance.


Use bSQL's explorative structure to analyze rich data. MDB's data tracking allows you to use the history of your system to improve your application as it grows.


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